Quality Event & Exhibition Staffing

As a locally established Agency we strive to make your event or exhibition in Singapore magnificent through quality models & talents

From our extraordinary models, brand ambassadors, hosts and emcees to our highly accomplished supervisors and talent managers, you may rest assured that your event or exhibition will be staffed by the industry’s most talented and diverse talents, all with skill sets tailored to satisfy almost any conceivable need and accompanied with an incomparable customer service at international standards.


A Commitment to Quality Event & Exhibition Staffing

EVENTPOOL Singapore staff are distinguished by a multitude of attributes such as punctuality, fervent commitment, business acumen, appropriate appearance, unequalled communication skills and the inherent gift to engage and captivate our guests. Our people are carefully selected and then comprehensively trained by us as part of our service as a premium event & exhibition staffing agency.

We use rigorous report procedures to ensure punctual arrival and to formulate backup plans for any last-minute staff changes so as to ensure a smooth operation of our events. Any staff member who fails to meet our lofty standards is removed from our agency pool immediately. We understand how crucial it is to employ a team that works well together and will represent your brand in the best light possible. 


Providing the Best in „White Label“ Staffing Service

EVENTPOOL Singapore offers our clients’ a superlative experience made possible by a 24-year background in event management, exhibitions, brand activation and marketing prior to our transition to a singular emphasis on event staffing. This is how we fully grasp the challenge in sourcing the best people for your needs. Out of a previous incarnation as a top-flight event management company, EVENTPOOL emerged and is now laser-focused on acquiring the very best in reliable, truly outstanding people for our event & exhibition staffing efforts. As a premium agency in Singapore it is our passionate conviction that staffing excellence is paramount because it is the key to success for every show, event or exhibition.

With our unparalleled pool of the most committed professionals, excellence is assured in fulfilling your own staffing requirements and is the reason behind local event industry players entrusting us with their talent management support in Singapore. In little time we have risen to become the go-to partner for large-scale, event related staffing and we believe this is in no small part due to our agency clientele’s confidence in knowing their individual brand and company image are protected and that their own talent and good name are secure.


We Deeply Know Our Individual Talents

EVENTPOOL Singapore knows each of our individual staff members well and have worked with most of them personally for years. This profound understanding allows us to advise our clients about each of our staff member’s strengths and capabilities. It is our intention to strongly distinguish ourselves from competitors by this in-depth knowledge of every single individual in the pool and by our deliberations in who we add (and retain) to our talent pool numbers. Our primary focus is on quality, in both the recruitment of personnel and in the ongoing training and preparation for the event & exhibition staffing services we provide. Once an individual is welcomed to our team, they and existing staff are rigorously briefed prior to every job. Furthermore, a senior staff manager of our company will individually deliver the team members to our clients to ensure absolute satisfaction. This personalized service is included in our rates and is part and parcel of our premium quality services.

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Our Singapore Talent Agency Pool includes


An agency specialized on the Singapore market




What Clients Say

I have had the pleasure of working with you guys for 3 years now and the Managing Director has shown himself to be an astute businessman, solid Producer for our Events and overall great guy. Talented people you enjoy spending time with.

Benjamin J. Fox

Turning Point Solutions


What Clients Say

They have the cream of the crop of Brand Ambassadors in Singapore, they are fastidious about recruiting the best, profiling them correctly and training them on all aspects of the job. Their attention to detail set them apart from other talent agencies in Singapore and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. You’re in safe hands here. Oh, and they are super nice too, a pleasure to work with.

Charlotte Birley

Alive Brand Activation

We Set the Highest Standards 

As a premium Event Talent Management Agency, we truly believe that client satisfaction comes naturally through setting the highest possible standards.


Extensive Selection Process for Talents

Strictest Report Procedures

Personal Handover by our Staff Managers
Singapore Based with no Middle Men 

Fast Replacement Service Within 2 Hours

Dedicated Staff Managers During Event

Large Pool of University Students & Academics

Talents with Outstanding Communication Skills

Models with Experience at > 500 exhibitions

Talent Management at Highest International Standards

Outstanding People for Outstanding Events

We deliver outstanding people for outstanding events. Our models & talents are some of the most dedicated, skilled, reliable, & engaging people you will gladly meet at your event – And they have the highest quality appearance, grooming and etiquette too! 


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