Direct Engagement vs. Talent Agency

Should You Consult a Talent Agency for Your Next Event?

It´s about saving agency fees vs. having peace of mind. 

This question may come to your mind when planning your participation at an exhibition. Finding and booking talents directly (without the help of a staffing agency) may seem interesting. On top of that, most exhibitors would want to reduce their expenses. Hence, is it really viable to engage a professional talent management agency

Here are some important things to consider:

1. Sourcing Process for Qualified Booth Hostesses


Sourcing for qualified talents can be time consuming. Rather than wasting valuable time, engaging a talent management agency can lift this burden off your shoulders. A talent management agency has an extensive list of quality hosts, hostesses, models and talents. With high standards required of them, you can be sure that they perform up to expectations.  

2. Proven Performance of Registered Talents


To ensure clients get the highest standards of talents, most talent companies have stringent selection process. Only talents with a good track record and who have proven their capabilities make it to the list. 

3. Outfall of Staff due to Sickness or Other Reasons


Many times talents come up with several reasons for their unavailability just right before the event. To make things worse, there is nothing much one can do or say if a talent calls in sick. The effort put into sourcing and selecting those talents have gone down the drain. During desperate times like these, you would have to settle with a talent who may or may not be up to standard. Worst still, the talent is unavailable. By engaging a talent company, you can ensure that during such crisis, the company would be able to replace the talent who is of the same quality within minutes.  


4. No Show


Having talent not showing up to the event is a real nightmare for any client. You may have this thought; calling the next available talent on your list. Again, with reference to point 3, the talents may be unavailable since it’s within such a short notice. In fact, most of the quality hostesses and talents are usually booked around 7-10 days before major events or exhibitions. With limited resources and an overwhelming demand of manpower for events & exhibitions in Singapore, being an exhibition hub in Asia that regularly achieves record numbers for their shows, securing reliable & professional staff for your brand presentation is not an easy task. In 99% of the cases, a cancellation before the exhibition day or even a no show is an unmanageable issue for any client.



To sum it up: 


YES, you want to have a reputable and trustable talent agency partner at your side for your event staffing needs.


Generally, skimping on the agency fees is never worth the trouble you may face when things don’t work out as expected.  You may proclaim, “Since you are an agency, it’s naturally for you to say this.” However, we at EVENTPOOL Singapore have worked on the other side of the game for most of our career. With decades of corporate work experience which involved managing hostesses and constantly having to deal with no-show, cancellations and poor performance, we can make your life easier. That is the job of a reputable agency; we are here to give you a peace of mind. To chat a little out of the box, we have a standby list of up to 50-70 girls for key events where we staff the entire show – all with confirmed availability by the morning of the event. This is where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors; an in-depth understanding of professionalism and preparedness for all kinds of short notices events.  


In our next article we will talk a bit about where to find the best event talent agency for your specific needs and how to check them out to be sure you have the right partner at your side. 


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