Finding a Professional Staffing Agency in Singapore

Event Staffing is just so much easier with the right Agency

Sourcing and finding a professional Event Staffing Agency with a pool of highly motivated and quality talents is not as easy as it seems to be.

Guessing by now, you would agree that this isn’t just about managing talent, but also being able to problem solve and ensure good customer service, just like any other business. With dozens of talent management companies in the market, you are only able to ascertain the professionalism and quality after engagement. Nevertheless, if everything goes well, it doesn’t matter if you found the talents through direct sources or through an agency. 

How to be sure you found the best Staffing Agency for your needs


The expected number of staff required plays a huge role, especially if it’s more than 1 or 2.

Once you found a promising staffing agency you should then request the following: 

·     testimonials with names and company names of clients,

·     show cases with photo material of previous jobs,

·     a description of the hiring, selection & proposal process

·     and backup plans for outfall of staff (which is probably the most underestimated duty of a good Staffing Agency).

Through a portfolio of a talent management or event staffing agency, you are able to determine the caliber of the agency that you are dealing with. Are they just a middleman between clients and talents, or are they a professional company having delivered large-scale projects to international clients? These reputable agencies usually have experience in project management and event production and are able to handle all staffing jobs, regardless of the extensiveness of the project. Once you have determined some key questions, you would then realize if the agency is suitable for your needs. 

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